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Cloudware is software that runs on Internet servers rather than on your hard drive. They require little or no installation/download. It is also referred to as "Software as a Service" (SaaS) and it has some connections to what you may have heard called "thin-client devices" (hardware or even software where all the real processing is done on a server and not on the device you are using).

Collaboration in the Cloud

Forward thinking companies use collaboration technologies to melt away the physical distance between disparate offices, remote workers and suppliers. Investments in R&D projects to create the next generation of business collaboration technologies and starting to bear early fruits and are worth paying attention to - especially if you get paid to “do security”.

SaaS Definition, Ecosystem and Business Model

SaaS is described as software applications deployed as a hosted service and accessed over the Internet via a standard web browser. This can include basic IIS or Apache software, but typically SaaS means delivering business applications, including collaboration software and line-of-business applications, to companies that require them to run their business. The SaaS model, and the SaaS Ecosystem that CloudWare Inc is helping to build, provides a new way for Service Providers, ISVs, and end-user customers to interact in a way that will drive additional demand for software applications. cloudware-3

In the SaaS model above, customers (end-users) subscribe to applications versus purchasing them, typically on a per-month basis. In this pay-as-you-go method, customers are afforded a flexible, low-cost, no-hassle model so they can concentrate on running their core business rather than spending capital to purchase applications and time/resources on software patches and updates. Hosting Providers and ISVs revenue-share the resulting subscription fee paid by the end-user customer.

Service Providers

As a service provider, you are most likely already delivering some form or level of SaaS to your customers and are well positioned to take advantage of this growing trend. CloudWare Inc delivers a SaaS platform to help you offer applications that will increase your average revenue per customer, increase customer retention and attract new customers.

To find our more on how to increase your revenue with SaaS, please visit the Service Providers SaaS page.


SaaS offers Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) the opportunity to deliver their existing software applications to new markets or existing markets in a new way. Small and Medium size Businesses (SMBs) which do not have the expertise or capital budget to purchase, install, and manage your application, can subscribe to your hosted application for a recurring fee, part of which is passed onto you. CloudWare Inc can even help you find specific service providers to host your application or you can offer your application yourself through the use of CloudWare Inc Automation and Virtualization Products.

To find our more on how to offer your application with SaaS, please visit the ISV SaaS page.


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